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How Depression Affects the Mind

How Depression Affects The Mind

More than a set system of symptoms, depression is a complex illness that can be debilitating and difficult to live with. Cases of depression range from a marked decrease in mood and an inability to feel pleasure or enjoyment, to crippling depressive thoughts that leave individuals unmotivated, making it difficult or even impossible to function … Read more

Overcoming the Stigma of Mental Health Issues

Overcoming the Stigma of Mental Health Issues

Even though we have collectively made great progress in better understanding and bringing awareness to the mental health issues that millions of Americans struggle with daily, we are far from creating a welcoming and compassionate society for most people struggling with mental disorders. The stigma that many have fought against for decades still exists, and … Read more

The Effect of Diet on your Mental Health

Effect of diet on Mental Health

The impact that a person’s diet can have on their health is tremendous. Knowing what to eat and how much can not only trim the waistline and improve a person’s physical appearance (through healthier hair, skin, and eyes), but it changes the body from within as well, improving circulation, mood, cognition, vision, and more. While … Read more

What Are the Different Types of Depression?

Types of Depression

When most people think about depression, it’s likely that they are only imagining a single diagnosis. But it’s often much more complicated than that. Not only is every case of depression individually unique, but there are different types of depression that require different treatments and a wholly different approach due to certain considerations and differences … Read more

Tips for Taking Care of Your Mental Health

Maintain A Positive Mindset

One thing that is not stressed often enough is the importance of maintaining a healthy state of mind regardless of a person’s current mental health. Too many people wait until things get “bad” before considering how they might be able to improve their daily routine to get out of a rut, or even address something … Read more

Recognizing the Signs of Depression in Yourself

Signs of Depression In Yourself

Is it depression? Or is it something else? While only a doctor can give a definitive answer, it helps to understand what depression is and isn’t – especially when you feel like you’re currently struggling with what might be a depression. Struggle is a part of the human experience, universal in the sense that every … Read more

Approaching A Loved One About Their Depression

Approaching Love One About Depression

Although it is an invisible beast, depression can deeply affect the people who love and care for those who have been diagnosed with the condition. When your loved one is fighting depression, they often spend entire days feeling worthless. That pain radiates out and leaves many friends and family members desperate to help find a … Read more

Ketamine Nasal Spray Drug for Depression

Ketamine Nasal Spray for Depression

A recent press release through NPR has stated that the Food and Drug Administration will approve esketamine as a treatment option for depression, through a nasal spray. Esketamine is chemically related to ketamine (as an enantiomer), a similar drug known best as an anesthetic and a party drug. Both ketamine and esketamine are known as … Read more

Benefits of Using TMS to Reduce Depression Symptoms

Using TMS to reduce Depression Symptoms

In many cases, depression is something a person is likely to be struggling with for years to come. Depression can come and go, with severe episodes, or it can be a persistent yet more moderate low mood. While depression has many forms, it is almost always chronic and recurring. Helping a person achieve immediate and … Read more

Living with OCD

What Living With OCD Is Like

Obsessive-compulsive disorder is a very broad disorder often affiliated with anxiety disorders, and an unfortunately common one. Roughly 1 in 40 adults struggle with a form of OCD. As devastating as OCD might be sometimes, it is a condition that many Americans live with daily through the support of their loved ones and professional help. … Read more

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