Monday Mornings with Margie 11 – LGBTQ Supreme Court Decision Ft. Karen Mackey

On today’s episode our host discusses the Supreme Court’s recent ruling to protect workers who identify with the LGBTQ+ Community. Special guest Karen Mackey Executive Director for the Sioux City Human Rights Commission joins Margie and gives her expert analysis on the ruling and other topics related to the LGBTQ+ Community. Resources…

black lives matter

We Support Black Lives and Diversity

At Achieve TMS Central, we believe that our diversity and inclusion is what makes us stronger and better healthcare providers. Today, we join with the black community and all people of color in their fight for equality and justice. We stand with our clients, colleagues, and the community at large who have been impacted by…

Dtms treatment

TMS for the Treatment of Depression

The brain is an integrated control center compiled of 86 billion neurons. When these neurons are out of sync with one another, this can result in an array of various symptoms, including depression. Mental Health needed a non-invasive and non-chemical solution. Achieve TMS is a clinic that integrates science in order to restore brain balance.…

Monday Mornings with Margie 8 – The Achieve TMS Central Team! Ft. Angie and Rebecca

In this episode of Monday Mornings with Margie, our host has on 2 very special team members from Achieve TMS Central. Rebecca is the Regional Operations Manager and Angie is the Regional Marketing Director. These two share their background in the medical field and the mental health field specifically. They also detail what interested them in Achieve TMS Central and why they joined the team.