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Recognizing the Warning Signs of Suicide

Recognizing the Warning Signs of Suicide

Taking your own life is not a split-second decision. While we’ve heard frequently that someone can appear cheerful one morning and then go on to take their own life later that same day, the process of deciding to commit suicide is one that takes weeks, months, or years. People contemplate how to do it, and … Read more

Depression Medication vs. TMS Therapy

Depression Medication vs TMS Therapy

We’ve grown slightly more comfortable in regard to discussing certain matters of pain and discomfort with those around us. When we’re sick, we let others know. When we’re hurt, we explain how it happened. Admitting something is wrong isn’t a sign of weakness anymore – at least, in some cases. But when the pain isn’t … Read more

Learning to Care About Life Again

Learning to care about life

One of the harder things to fight back against in depression is the overwhelming apathy, the feeling that nothing matters. It’s a hard feeling to fight back against, because when you don’t particularly care about anything, it’s hard to muster the enthusiasm or the motivation to do so anyway. Sometimes, these feelings overstay their welcome … Read more

Using TMS As A Way to Avoid Invasive Depression Treatment

Alternatives To Invasive Depression Treatment

When most people think depression treatment, they think therapy and pills. In most cases, these two options represent the first line of offense in the fight against depression. And in many cases, they can be enough to help someone alleviate the symptoms of their depression, and live better lives. But therapy and antidepressants don’t always … Read more

Tips to Help Keep A Positive Outlook on Life

Keeping a Positive Outlook

Many forms of depression are managed through a variety of different techniques. It’s usually not enough to rely on medication when you’re consistently on the receiving end of stressful situations, demeaning comments, and abusive behavior. It’s not enough to go to therapy when you’re struggling to digest and internalize any of what you’re reading or … Read more

Warning Signs of Depression

Warning Signs of Depression

As severe as it can be at times, depression is not always easy to spot. Some people manage to go through a great amount of effort to hide their depression, to the point that some who might not know them so well would be surprised to find out that someone “so happy” could be struggling … Read more

How to Approach A Loved One About Depression

Approaching A Loved One About Depression

Depression is a difficult topic to broach, even among family and friends. Regardless of what your experiences might be with depression, talking to someone else about their depression is not easy. You may be worried about saying the wrong thing, about egging them on, misinterpreting their words, or just not knowing what to say, and … Read more

Setting Goals to Work on Depression in 2019

New Goals for 2019

Even if the majority of us don’t set New Year’s Resolutions or expect not to reach them, goal-setting is essential in life. Whether you’re working towards a new career milestone, want to raise your children, are fighting depression, or doing all of the above, goals matter. Without goals, we aren’t necessarily aimless, but it’s easy … Read more

How Does Living with Depression Affect Your Life?

Living with Depression

Depression affects a record-breaking 16.2 million US adults, and as many have suggested, depression isn’t only on the rise, but has rather recently become a topic we’ve been engrossed with, revealing that more and more Americans are reporting feelings of depression, starting a much-needed unveiling of a previously taboo topic. While it is one of … Read more

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