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Living with OCD

What Living With OCD Is Like

Obsessive-compulsive disorder is a very broad disorder often affiliated with anxiety disorders, and an unfortunately common one. Roughly 1 in 40 adults struggle with a form of OCD. As devastating as OCD might be sometimes, it is a condition that many Americans live with daily through the support of their loved ones and professional help. … Read more

Being Mindful of Taking Care of Your Mental Health

Being Mindful of Mental Health

The concepts of self-help and open conversations surrounding mental illness have massively grown in popularity in recent years. Among a boom in online communication tools, anonymous conversations, and a genuine interest in how modern-day Western society is affecting the mental health of those living within it, there has much exploration into the mind in the … Read more

Living With (and Supporting) Someone with Depression

Living With Someone With Depression

Depression is a debilitating condition. It can take many different forms, but they all share the same ruleset: no matter how hard someone tries, just ‘cheering up’ is never an option. If you’re living with someone with depression, helping them can feel like an impossible challenge. It might feel like, no matter what you do, … Read more

Ignoring Your Depression Will Make It Worse

Ignoring Depression Will Make It Worse

If a case of depression does not go into remission by itself within a month, research indicates that, without treatment, it goes on for at least another six months (or longer) in three out of four cases. For many, depression can come and go for years and decades, and become a lifetime struggle. Leaving it … Read more

What Makes High Functioning Depression Difficult to Deal With?

High Functioning Depression

High-functioning depression is a form of depression that occurs in the combination of certain personalities as well as symptoms. While major depressive disorder, the most common form of depression, is known to be debilitating and often causes a decline in workplace attendance and performance as well as legitimate disability, depression is more of a sliding … Read more

Tips to Maintain Motivation While Struggling with Depression

Tips To Maintain Motivation While Depressed

One of the characteristics of depression is a struggle with staying motivated to do anything. Many people with depression struggle with tasks that others take for granted, including matters of personal hygiene and daily chores. Procrastination becomes harder to overcome, and inner thoughts of apathy echo alongside phrases like ‘what’s the point?’ Depression quickly turns … Read more

Is Drinking Making Your Depression Worse?

Is Drinking Affecting Your Depression

The short answer is yes. In all likelihood, your drinking – no matter or big or small it might be – is making your depression worse. In the best-case scenario, it does nothing for you in the long-term and is likely to alienate you from utilizing effective forms of treatment. In the worst-case scenario, it’s … Read more

Can Depression Be Genetic?

Can Depression Be Genetic

When someone is diagnosed with major depressive disorder, there’s usually a 60 percent chance that their condition developed due to environmental factors, and a 40 percent chance that they developed due to genetic factors. People with direct relatives (parents/siblings) with depression are three times as likely to also struggle with depression than the rest of … Read more

How to Help A Friend Contemplating Suicide?

How To Help A Freind Contemplating Suicide

Suicide can be a very frightening topic to broach, and it’s not something anyone wants to discuss lightly. This is why it’s generally very important to take someone seriously when they begin to discuss suicide. Even jokes about suicide, if made frequently and specifically in reference to your friend wanting to attempt suicide, can be … Read more

How Do Anxiety and Depression Interact?

Interaction Between Depression and Anxiety

Anxiety and depression, unfortunately, often go hand in hand. Comorbidity between these two disorders is incredibly high, with as much as half of patients with depression also presenting with symptoms of anxiety. Furthermore, patients who struggle with both anxiety and depression tend to have a less optimistic prognosis as those with either disorder, and don’t … Read more

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