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How Does Living with Depression Affect Your Life?

Living with Depression

Depression affects a record-breaking 16.2 million US adults, and as many have suggested, depression isn’t only on the rise, but has rather recently become a topic we’ve been engrossed with, revealing that more and more Americans are reporting feelings of depression, starting a much-needed unveiling of a previously taboo topic. While it is one of … Read more

Getting Help for Suicidal Thoughts

Help for Suicide

Roughly four percent of the US population has contemplated suicide in 2015, and suicide rates have been increasing significantly in recent years. Perhaps, now more than ever, it’s important to know what to do to get help for suicidal thinking – and it’s important to learn to address that it’s more common than ever. We … Read more

How to Recognize Depression in Your Loved Ones

Recognizing Depression

Depression is an insidious disease, and it’s very possible for someone to struggle with depression and not show it. One of the reasons mental health issues are so heavily stigmatized is because they’re less apparent. People who have never struggled with mental health issues might take the complaints and struggles of depressed people out of … Read more

Being Supportive of a Spouse with Depression

Supportive of Spouse with Depression

Depression is a lonely disorder, even when the person struggling with depression ostensibly isn’t alone. It’s difficult to accurately and faithfully describe what it is like to be depressed, especially because it’s likely that everyone experiences it differently. But a common factor is that no matter what logic and reality might dictate, the pure sadness … Read more

Understanding Where Depression Comes From

Understanding Where Depression Comes From

We’re well on our way to eradicating measles, polio, the Guinea worm, mumps, rubella, and river blindness. Despite being one of the deadliest viruses in human history, antiviral medication and treatment for AIDS has evolved to the point that someone who is diagnosed HIV positive in 2018 and seeks treatment is more likely to die … Read more

What to Do If Antidepressants Aren’t Working

Anti Depressants Aren't Working

It’s common knowledge that when you’re depressed, you get prescribed antidepressants. Some lament that too many psychiatrists get trigger-happy with the prescription pad, describing them when they might not work or be necessary. Regardless of where you stand on that topic, the data shows that despite a scare regarding suicidality and SSRIs, today’s antidepressants are … Read more

Understanding How Depression Affects Your Loved Ones

Understanding How Depression Affects Loved Ones

Depression is a terrible disease, but few people see that. When people think of diseases, they think of blood, or pain. They see gore, the slow progression of a healthy body into obvious visual sickness. Like many other mental health disorders, depression is hard to notice. There are no obvious wounds, no blood until it’s … Read more

Understanding the Correlation between Depression and Eating Disorders

Depression is a silent killer and it can come in many different forms. It can manifest in something inconspicuous, but equally dangerous such as an eating disorder. In fact, depression is also linked to anorexia and binge-eating disorder (BED). Especially now that the holidays are fast approaching, people with depression might have trouble dealing with … Read more

Where to Turn When Antidepressants Don’t Work

Where To Turn When Depression Medication Fails

Antidepressants are somewhat of a mystery to many people, and it’s difficult for some to process whether they’re a good thing or a bad thing, with conflicting messages on both sides. Headlines and government bodies are writing reports that prescription drugs are addictive and can cause deaths, and antidepressants contain black box warning that a … Read more

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